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About was developed in September 2000 (previously IVN Solutions since 1997) as a free service for the aviation community and enthusiast. Our mission is to “Help Spread the Word” about aviation events. In doing this we want to be able to expose the enthusiast to the whole spectrum that aviation encompasses. So, we do not limit ourselves to one organization or the other, one type or another, simply put we want to include the entire spectrum of aviation. When a visitor looks at our site they will get exposed to a vast majority of events from conventions, space launches, seminars, model rocketry and aircraft, ballooning, sky diving, plane pulls, open houses, and yes, air shows, fly-ins and anything in between.

We insist that you let us “Help Spread the Word” about your favorite aviation event. You will be surprised at the attendance increase by simply making sure you have as many resources as possible to get the word out with. Listings are absolutely FREE! If you would like to help support this site by purchasing an advertisement, please contact us by clicking here!

We are computer consultants first and aviation enthusiast / pilots second. With nearly 20 years of mainframe and PC analysis, design, and maintenance background, we have the knowledge and experience to tackle that daunting IT challenge. We have the skills and exposure to a vast majority of programming languages, platforms, and applications. Devoting ourselves to the industry that we enjoy, aviation, we offer a wide range of solutions for your computer needs.

  • Computer Hardware / Software Consultants
  • Software Development, Maintenance, Enhancements
  • Databases, PC Interfaces, Dynamic Web Development
  • Business Computer Network Solutions
Whether you are a small business or large we offer solutions for your IT challenges. From outsourcing to in house staffing we will build that solution that makes sense. Training is the single most important and most overlooked component today. Simply building an application is not enough. We train to ensure user proficiency. Do you need to outsource a project for Design, Enhancements, or simply Maintenance? We can handle the task!

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